Kelly's Color Nursery has been an industry leading wholesale bedding plant nursery in Yolo County for over 30 years!

We are proud to announce that Kelly’s Color Nursery is now a competitive supplier of organic vegetables certified by the USDA.

About Us

Since 1985, Kelly’s Color Nursery has provided the highest quality of wholesale bedding plants to independent retail nurseries and commercial landscapers of the northern California area.

With over 400 varieties of specialty annuals, perennials and vegetables, Kelly’s Color guarantees to provide its customers with the beautiful and healthy plants they desire.

The nursery is located just six miles west of Davis, CA where it contains over 1 acre of greenhouse tables, and roughly 2 acres of outdoor tables dedicated to the development of bedding plants.

Kelly’s Color will bid on contract growing situations and has contract grown plants for the California State Fair for over 15 years.

Customers are encouraged to  pre-book their orders to ensure availability of certain plant varieties.  Availability lists are updated weekly during the spring and summer seasons, and are sent out to customers via the mailing list.

Availability List

Availability List June 16th, 2019

To make orders:

Please fill in the quantity of each item desired in the spaces designated for the plant status and then email or fax the order back to us.

    • Email: kellyscolor2@msn.com
    • Fax Line: (530) 758-5722
    • Order Phone Line: (530) 574-8148

Cities Available for Delivery

Contract Growing

If you or your company would like to utilize the resources available at Kelly’s Color Nursery for contract growing situations, please call or email us with your orders.   A prompt response will be given as soon as the order has been evaluated.

Email: kellyscolor2@msn.com

Phone: (530)  574-8148

The following information will be helpful in determining the cost and feasibility of your order:

  • Quantity of each variety
  • Scheduled Due Date

Contact Us

  • Email: kellyscolor2@msn.com
  • Phone:  (530) 574-8148
  • Fax: (530) 758-5722
  • Address:  25539 County Road 95, Davis, CA 95616

Directions to the Nursery